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LMTLSS is a reality-game…sort-of like a real life obstacle course that forces its players through a series of levels designed to test their limiting habits with money, health, travel, relationships and more! 

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Why Other LIMITLESS Players Are Excited
Bryce Clark: 21
Bryce Clark first got started with Limitless 4 years ago when he was only 17 years old. Within 2 years, he was running a full-time online clothing business with yearly revenues of $200,000+. In addition to his online excursions, Bryce has also managed the social media accounts for the “Golden State Warriors,” and now travels around the country teaching others how to build and develop online marketing systems.
Joe Bartley: 25
Joe Bartley joined LMTLSS back in the summer of 2014. He is a 25 year old businessman from Southern California. His company works with some of the top entertainers in the country, shipping their equipment to different parts of the world. Kendrick Lamar, Muse, Blackbear, and the UFC are some of Joe’s biggest clients. Joe is also an owner of a beachside bar on the coast of Florida and is in the process of opening up his own restaurant.
Kota Ivers: 23
Kota Ivers has been a part of LMTLSS since Day One. He’s a 23 year old entrepreneur and salesman from St George, Utah. Over the last few years, he’s closed over $1 Million in sales for a variety of products and services. He also owns a company called “Enhvnce”, which is designed to optimize your human production, both in regular everyday life and in work.
Derek Baeza: 23
Derek Baeza has been a LMTLSS member since Day One. Derek is a 23 year old business owner from New Mexico. He currently runs his family-owned gas station amongst working on some online entrepreneurial projects on the side. His hunger for personal growth has significantly influenced the direction of the content behind the LMTLSS Platform.
Chris Chavarria: 21
Chris Chavarria was a 17 year old who self admittedly had very little ambition when he was first exposed to Limitless just over 4 years ago. Since that first exposure, Chris has completely transformed his life by playing through the full game several times. He first took his grades in school from failing to getting straight A’s, attracted incredible mentors into his life and is now earning 6 figures + working for a high end hedge fund.
Jordan Davis: 22
Jordan Davis burst onto the scene at the young age of 18 years old and built himself a network marketing business that earned him $5k residually for many months. He created social media marketing strategies that allowed him to personally sponsor hundreds of clients into his business. His performance attracted the eyes of many included our very own Mark Hoverson who has taken him on in a mentorship role. 
Paul Lafata: 24
Paul Lafata joined LMTLSS back in the Spring of 2014. He is a 24 year old business owner from Michigan. He is a leader in the community and spends a great deal of his time running a non-profit called “Restore Detroit” which has a mission to beautify the landscape and revitalize the community of Detroit, Michigan. 
Jovan Will: 33
Jovan is professional speaker and online marketer. His online mastery allows him generate $100k monthly on a frequent basis. You can follow him and his lovely wife Madaline’s adventures at thecouplesquest.com. 
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